• Enhance soil & growth

Improving Soil

The application of PLANTBAC® panels not only saves water but also improves soil condition.

Plantbacter products are made up of microorganisms which strengthen and support plant growth. Furthermore, some products act specifically against certain important pathogens to ensure plant health. The combination of effective organisms in a single product leads to widespread plant protection against several pathogens and for several plant species. Together with the root system of the plant, Agribac products build up a protection system against pathogens by limiting their habitat and nutrients, thus inhibiting proliferation.

Plantbacter has also developed products for use in the field of ‘biological soil sanitation’. Aspects such as relief of soil exhaustion, the sanitation of soil contaminated with heavy metals or aromatics, as well as the recultivation of soil which stands shortly before karstification have all been considered.


enhance microbiological environment and growth rate


high water storage capacity and improved capillary action


made out of natural fibres, no fertilizers or other accelerators


improves sustainability of any project, carbon dioxide reduction