The PLANTBAC® panel is our core product for many different applications and solutions. It's water saving capacity makes it the perfect solution for your greening or planting project. For new and existing projects.


Plantbacter products can be classified as plant- or soil-specific according to their sphere of activity.


Plantbacter products are made up of microorganisms which strengthen and support plant growth. Furthermore, some products act specifically against certain important pathogens to ensure plant health. The combination of effective organisms in a single product leads to widespread plant protection against several pathogens and for several plant species. Together with the root system of the plant, Agribac products build up a protection system against pathogens by limiting their habitat and nutrients, thus inhibiting proliferation.
Plantbacter has also developed products for use in the field of ‘biological soil sanitation’. Aspects such as relief of soil exhaustion, the sanitation of soil contaminated with heavy metals or aromatics, as well as the recultivation of soil which stands shortly before karstification have all been considered.

Apart from the primary field of activity of Plantbacter products – protection, health, growth, or sanitation – each product, due to its mode of action, leads to a integrated positive effect for plants and/or soil, since a healthy plant has also better growth and is per se better protected from pathogens.


Water is the most important factor for life and and development of economy. Water destines our life conditions by climate and weather. The surface of our Blue Planet consists on two third of water, which is allocated unequally over the world. About 1.400 million km³ water are salt water (97%). The residual 3% are freshwater which is constrained mostly in the Arctic/Antarctic zones, glaciers and the bottom. Only 0,3 % freshwater are available for drinking water. Growing water shortage restricts agriculture and diminishes the production of nourishments.

 To counteract this development Plantbacter International offers solutions for water management in the agriculture area. This includes saving of water as well as avoiding evaporation and salination of fresh water. Main factor of the solution is a special developed panel - the PLANTBAC® PANEL.

Vegetation development with grass and other suitable plants in areas of erosion often proves to be a costly process since the hardened or gravelly ground in these areas allows hardly anything to take root. The same holds true for grass areas in sport stadiums and golf courses, both of which are subject to hard wear. Growth, maintenance and regeneration of grass or green areas is time-consuming and cost-intensive.

By their hygroscopic nature the panels are accumulating water and supply the plant only with the needed amount of water required for growth. This procedure saves water up to between 70 and 80% in comparison to the normal watering of vegetation. This result has been proven by applications in various countries. Panels, Agribac graminis, soil and vegetation material together create a new shift of humus so that the plants have a better exchange with the earth and a growing deep rootedness so that plants become stronger and vital.

 Together with our partners, specialized in recultivation in areas of erosion and under exteme conditions, we have been able to demonstrate the successful application of PLANTBAC® PANELS, AGRIBAC, AGRIBAC graminis, HORTIBAC fortis and HORTIBAC tricis. 


Certain bacteria, through evolution, have developed the capability of increasing their food supply by producing plant-identical hormones – phytohormones. The bacteria live from secretions from the roots of plants and, in turn, produce hormones which are taken up by the hairs on plant roots. The influence of these hormones is the principle mode of action of our products on the associated plant.The modified hormone level in the plant stimulates growth and increases biomass in the vegetative components (roots and shoots). This is documented by the increase in yield of root crops such as potatoes.

Further metabolic products excreted by our bacteria dissolve and mobilise minerals from the soil, primarily phosphate, potassium and iron, which would otherwise not be available to the plants. This enhances the efficiency of the naturally present or added phosphates and reduces residues potentially hazardous to the environment. Furthermore, the bacteria in our products suppress fungi and bacteria detrimental to plants, for example the use of our products for potatoes reduces the risk of infestation Rhizoctania solani und scabs.





enhance microbiological environment and growth rate


high water storage capacity and improved capillary action


made out of natural fibres, no fertilizers or other accelerators


improves sustainability of any project, carbon dioxide reduction