Our Scientists research to make the world greener!

PLANTBACER is developing products to enhance growth and save water on a 100% natural basis.



The basis of a successful landscaping or recultivation is the thorough preparation of the underlying soil with PLANTBAC® panels and the right choice of seed.  



Dimensions: 80 cm x 60 cm x 2 cm
Weight: 1,8 kg
Water memory capability: 10 l/m2
Erosion resistance: 5-8 years

Erosion protection

PLANTBAC® panels provide a system preventing erosion from water and wind and stimulating the soil and the development of a protective layer of vegetation. The panels consist of 100% natural material. The panels are layed out next to each other on the ground. The desired vegetation material is planted on the panel and then covered with a 0,5-cm layer of soil.





After the PLANTBAC® panels have absorbed moisture, either from natural precipitation or by artificial irrigation, they form a close-fitting layer to the ground. The absorbed water is slowly released to the underlying soil. The vegetation material on the surface has optimal growth conditions: the roots find sufficient nutrients in the panel, penetrate the panel and reach the underlying soil, which is constantly moist since the PLANTBAC® panels prevent evaporation. This results in a high root density and simultaneously a revitalisation of the soil. In this manner, green roofs, slopes, embankments, slagheaps, and areas devoid of vegetation can be naturally secured and a layer of vegetation can develop.The use of the panels ensures that the preparation of the ground is physically optimal for plants.   



The panels can be used for different purposes:

  • Greening 
  • Planting
  • Growing crops
  • Erosion protection
  • Recultivation of contaminated soils (e.g. salt / oil)

See under solutions for different applications and business cases.





Transport & shipping:


  sq. meter sq. feet panels (pieces)



65 700 135

650 7,000 1,350

1,300 14,000 2,700






enhance microbiological environment and growth rate


high water storage capacity and improved capillary action


made out of natural fibres, no fertilizers or other accelerators


improves sustainability of any project, carbon dioxide reduction