• Enhance soil & growth

PLANTBAC® panels offer many different solutions to enhance your projects.


Use PLANTBAC for greening projects to reduce the the needed amount of water by 80%. No more fertilizer and long lasting stronger green.

Save 60 USD per m2

Crop growing

In arid regions where soil condition is poor, PLANTBAC® panels can be used to provide the right environment to grow crops. Any crops that can be planted without plowing can be used with the panels.

The enhanced structure  of PLANTBAC® panels guarantees perfect growth with high water retention capacity.


Use PLANTBAC for new or existing trees to reduce water consume by 80% and increase output for fruit-bearing trees such as olives or dades.

Increase your yield by 100%.


Use PLANTBAC® panels to cover roofs with several advantages to the building. Besides it's natural cooling function that increases energy efficiency of any building, it absorbs rainwater, provides a more pleasant appearance and helps lower urban air-temperature.

Providing green environment in urban structures.


Use PLANTBAC for sanitation and recultivation of contaminated soils. Brown coal areas, oil contamination, landfill & waste areas or high salt content.

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Track bed

PLANTBAC@ panels are used in trackbeds to enhance appearance and contribute green environment to urban structures inside metropolitan areas.

The panels provide the perfect solution for inserting in narrow areas.






enhance microbiological environment and growth rate


high water storage capacity and improved capillary action


made out of natural fibres, no fertilizers or other accelerators


improves sustainability of any project, carbon dioxide reduction