• Enhance soil & growth

Greening with PLANTBAC® panels 


The PLANTBAC® panel is the perfect solution for greening projects. Its ability to retain a large amount of water makes it the perfect product for arid regions, where every saved liter of water counts. Its natural structure is optimized for water storage and optimized to support the osmotic pressure of plants and grass.

Unlike available chemical solutions like super absorbers the PLANTBAC® panel supports the root development and the osmotic system of plants.

PLANTBAC® panel is 100% made of natural products and supports the development of a complete new microbiological environment for better growth and healthier environment.

Easy 4-Step Application process: 

Step 1   Step 2   Step 3   Step 4
Lay-out   Irrigate   Cover with sand   Seed



 Sample Calculation - 1 hectar

Basic Parameters 
Size of greening area  10.000 m2 (1 hectare)
Cost of water*  2.45 USD / m3
Cost of PLANTBAC® panel**  10.00 USD / m2
Irrigation per day with panel (L / m2 4.5 Liter
Irrigation per day without panel (L / m2 15.0 Liter

 *The cost of water is the subsidized price and does not reflect additional cost for desalination in arid regions. That means, the economic effect is even higher.

**The cost of PLANTBAC panel depends on ordered amount.


Additional set-up cost  
PLANTBAC® panels 100,000.- USD
Transportation 10,000.- USD
Installation / staff for lay-out 10,000.- USD
Total 120,000.- USD


Return on Investment  amount cumulative per m2
Initial investment in PLANTBAC® panels -120,000.- USD -120,000.- USD -12.00 USD
Savings from water Year 1 92,610.- USD  - 27,390.- USD    -2.74 USD
Savings from water Year 2 92,610.- USD +65,220.- USD  6.52 USD
Savings from water Year 3 92,610.- USD +157,830.- USD  15.78 USD 
Savings from water Year 4 92,610.- USD +250,440.- USD 25.04 USD 
Savings from water Year 5 92,610.- USD +343,050.- USD  34.30 USD 
Savings from water Year 6 92,610.- USD +435,660.- USD  43.57 USD 
Savings from water Year 7 92,610.- USD +528,270.- USD  52.83 USD 
Savings from water Year 8 92,610.- USD +620,880.- USD  62.09 USD 



enhance microbiological environment and growth rate


high water storage capacity and improved capillary action


made out of natural fibres, no fertilizers or other accelerators


improves sustainability of any project, carbon dioxide reduction